SSD – 200m+ Range Extender


Puck Pilot SSD – Range Extender

The SSD (Shore Station Dongle) is a Bluetooth® wireless technology bridge specifically designed for use with the Puck Pilot to enhance the operating range of the Boat Positioning System to beyond 200m.

Package Contents:

  1. SSD – Shore Station Module Range Extender
  2. Power bank (UK mainland only due to postal restrictions)
  3. Power bank charging cable



Shore Station Dongle – Range Extender

The SSD is designed to be plugged into a phone power bank which can be placed in your bivvy  (Power bank supplied)

The Android device can be 80m typ. from SSD.

Shore Station Module Power: Standard mobile phone power bank with USB connection

Operating Range:

System range performance > 200m LOS
(Puck Pilot connected over Bluetooth via SSD to Android Device)

Module Size: L 85mm x W 22mm x H 14mm