Microcat Mk1 DIY Kit + Flysky FS-i6x


DIY or for fitting use the contact page or if in the midlands contact Raves Waves for supply & fitting price 07821944356 raveswaves.b8boats@gmail.com

We offer the option of a DIY fitting kit for the installation of our Puck Pilot Autopilot module.

The price includes the Autopilot system with full instructions on how to fit, app. installation and operation.

Only a single hole required for fitment.

The price is for the following boat models:

Angling Technics Microcat Mk1 onwards with Jets


See the full details below



DIY Fitting

Supplied with replacement control board and Flysky FS-i6x handset & FS-iA6B receiver.

Fitted internally.

Tools required: 6.5mm diameter drill & silicone sealant.

Full instructions included.

DIY or for fitting use the contact page or if in the midlands contact Raves Waves for supply & fitting price 07821944356 raveswaves.b8boats@gmail.com


Puck Pilot

With its simple to use Android application baits can be positioned to stored locations at any time of day or night and in poor visibility. A simple press of the Autopilot button will drive the boat to the set target position, drop the bait and return to shore.

Manual control the boat is also provided by a virtual joystick on the Android devices touch screen to also allow for bait drop control or external control can be selected to use your conventional radio controlled transmitter.

Manual navigation is provided if autopilot is not enabled.

The Puck Pilot is fitted internally or externally to the bait boat, the control cables connect to the boats 6 channel PPM (Pulse Position Modulation) radio controlled receiver.

The PUCK PILOT transmits its position over Bluetooth® to the Android device running the BPH (Boat Positioning HMI)

The PUCK PILOT can connect to the Android device in two ways either directly achieving ranges 80-100m LOS typ. (adequate for most UK waters) or via a SSM (Shore Station Module Wireless Range Extender to provide range extension > 250m LOS) , Thus allowing the option to purchase the PUCK PILOT separately if long range is not required.

A pre-bait function allows twin hopper boats to open the first hopper a set distance from the target and the second hopper at the target to allow for spread baiting or to drop the hook rig a set distance from your baited area.


Puck Pilot Power:

The PUCK PILOT is powered from the boats battery.


Inbuilt compass provides boat orientation to next target position

(External compass provided for system calibration)


Typical tested accuracy < 1m

Position accuracy: CEP (Circular Error of Probability) < 2.5m

Operating Range:

System range performance 80-100m LOS typ (250m+ with a range extender sold separately)

Module Size:  59mm diameter x 22mm (Excluding antenna & cables)


Android Application

1) Simple to use screen display with:

  • Boat icon rotates according to heading to target, colour changes according to distance, Green>10m, Amber<10m, Red at target location.
  • Audible output with mute option, steady beep provided when within ten meters of target which changes frequency when at target location.
  • Autopilot button
  • Boat speed (m/s)
  • Distance to target (m)
  • GPS accuracy displayed by text colour: Green = Excellent, Amber = Good, Red = Poor
  • Target select button
  • Return to shore navigation button.
  • Battery status
  • Bluetooth® signal strength
  • Bluetooth® connection status

2) Simple menu operation for further options:

  • Bluetooth® setup tab, simple to use pairing function to PUCK PILOT and SSM.
  • Simple to use universal boat control set up tab.
  • Simple to use universal channel set up tab so can control a wide variety of different boats.
  • Target menu tab, Unlimited number of different Target positions can be stored with options to input weather conditions and comments with edit function.
  • Upgrade function, PUCK PILOT software upgradable via phone application (Software upgrades will be available as further improvements become available)
  • Battery Status, displays bait boat battery voltage.
  • Bluetooth® signal strength level with low signal warning on main screen.
  • Help menu option so instruction manual can be displayed on app.

3) No Wi-Fi or GSM required as targets are inputted by boat location (google maps etc. not required.

4) Application can be run with Android device in airplane mode to save power on phone or tablet.

5) Application auto connects on opening with PUCK PILOT or SSD.

6) Power save function, PUCK PILOT and SSM placed into trickle power mode when application minimized or closed, PUCK PILOT draws only 45mA and maintains satellite positions so start up time is kept to a minimum.

7) Unlimited numbers of units can be used in same location as a dedicated serial number is allocated to each PUCK PILOT and SSM, both paired in standard method over Bluetooth.


Android Device minimum requirements:

OS: Android 6 (Not compatible with Amazon Fire OS) CPU: 1.0GHz Memory: 1GB

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 32 × 24 × 14 cm